Most Popular Turkish Marketplaces

Most Popular Turkish Marketplaces


Discover a marketplace where you can easily find over 10.000 home decor products, and with our Etgshop Forward service, get your favorite items delivered from anywhere in the world. Enjoy the lowest shipping rates and the fastest delivery times, with operations in warehouses across more than 10 countries. Experience the convenience of affordable and quick shopping!

2. N11 E-Commerce Marketplace

One of the important marketplaces known in our country. The N11 Pro platform, where business-to-business sales are made, can also be considered. For detailed information or to open a store, visit

3. Hepsiburada Online Commerce Platform

A marketplace that offers sales opportunities to other sellers along with its own products. To become a seller, visit

4. Marketplace

A marketplace that delivers both complaints and good results. To become a seller, visit

5. PttAVM Online Shopping Site

May deliver good results depending on the product. For current conditions, visit

6. Çiç Marketplace

Despite its name, it doesn't just sell flowers. If you want to enter based on your product, visit

7. Amazon Turkey Site

Amazon means trust for me. To become a seller, visit

8. Become a Seller on AliExpress

It is one of Alibaba Group's companies. To become a seller and join seller training, visit

9. Etsy Marketplace and Difference

The difference of Etsy is that it generally offers handmade products. To become a seller, visit

10. bpazar E-Commerce Platform

Founded in 2017, the company claims to be the first and only multilingual marketplace. To become a seller, visit

11. Marketplace

It is a joint venture of Abat Information Technologies and ITU ETA Foundation, established in 2017. To become a seller, visit

12. Narwoo E-Commerce Platform

Narwoo provides opportunities for both individual and corporate sales. To sell, visit

13. Joom Online Marketplace

A marketplace with over two hundred and fifty million users as a mobile app. To become a seller, visit

14. needion Sales Site

A marketplace that opened in 2018. For selling, visit

15. Vodafone Everything Is Near Me Application

A marketplace that allows sales through the app. For seller applications, you can call Vodafone customer service.

16. BiSıfırAt Online Marketplace

A marketplace operated under the BİSİAT group. To become a seller, visit

17. Turkcell Pasaj Sales Platform

There is a clientele that trusts and shops under the Turkcell name. For detailed information, you can follow from here.

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