Etgshop Forward

Etgshop Forward is a service offered by Etgshop, a logistics and transportation company, that allows customers to forward parcels internationally. Here's a detailed explanation of how Etgshop Forward works:

Registration and Address Assignment:

Customers register on the Etgshop Forward website and receive a unique forwarding address.

Shopping at Online Stores:

Customers can shop at any online store that ships to the provided forwarding address. They use the unique forwarding address provided by Etgshop Forward as the delivery address during checkout.

Parcel Arrival and Processing:

When the parcel arrives at the Etgshop warehouse, it is processed and logged into the customer’s account. Customers are notified of the parcel's arrival.

Consolidation (Optional):

Customers can choose to consolidate multiple parcels into a single shipment to save on shipping costs. This involves combining items from different packages into one box.

Payment and Shipping Options:

Customers select their preferred international shipping method and pay for the forwarding service. Etgshop Forward offers various shipping options, including standard and express delivery, with different prices and delivery times.

Customs and Documentation:

Etgshop Forward handles all necessary customs documentation and procedures. Customers may need to provide additional information or documents for customs clearance, depending on the destination country's requirements.

International Shipping:

Once all preparations are complete, Etgshop Forward ships the parcel to the customer’s international address. Customers can track their shipment using the tracking number provided.


The parcel is delivered to the customer’s specified address. Delivery times vary based on the shipping method chosen and the destination country.

By using Etgshop Forward, customers can shop from global online stores that do not offer international shipping, and have their purchases forwarded to their home country efficiently.